Funding Pips Review: Features and Benefits for Traders

Funding Pips offers five distinct pricing options for their Standard accounts, each tailored to traders' preferences.

Funding Pips is a proprietary trading firm established in 2022 with its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. Funding Pips has gained recognition as a legitimate trading firm dedicated to empowering traders. The firm provides an initial plan of $5,000 with a maximum limit of $100,000, which can potentially be scaled up to $2,000,000. Traders can have multiple accounts, with a maximum allocation of $400,000. Funding Pips provides a holistic approach to trading support. Let's delve into the key aspects of Funding Pips:

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Funding Pips Review

Funding Pips is a recently established proprietary trading firm operating in the forex market. It offers traders the opportunity to leverage their capital effectively. In addition to strategic partnerships for software solutions, Funding Pips has an in-house engineering team focused on enhancing the trading experience. The firm offers a variety of funded trading accounts, covering various trading instruments, including forex pairs and cryptocurrencies. Funding Pips provides access to these funded accounts with affordable entry options starting as low as $32. Traders demonstrating consistent profitability can qualify for the firm's scaling plan, which can increase their account balance to 20% of the original amount.

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How Funding Pips Differs from Other Proprietary Firms?

Funding Pips distinguishes itself through flexibility in trading preferences. Traders at Funding Pips can participate in trading activities during major news events, keep positions open overnight, and over weekends. However, martingale or hedging strategies are prohibited, and funded account traders must set a stop-loss within the initial 30 seconds of a trade. Funding Pips offers a profit split ranging from 80% to 90% to its traders through a partnership with Black Bull Markets.

Compared to its peers, Funding Pips offers a two-stage evaluation process for traders to qualify for payouts. The first phase requires achieving an 8% profit target, followed by a transition to a 5% target in the second phase. Both stages have a maximum daily loss limit of 5% and an overall limit of 10% for total losses. There are no predetermined minimum or maximum trading day requirements in either evaluation phase. The evaluation programs at Funding Pips incorporate a growth strategy, offering attainable profit goals, lacking stringent day trading limits, and providing clear trading guidelines.

What Are the Advantages of Joining Funding Pips?

  • Rewarding Scaling Plan: Funding Pips offers a dynamic scaling plan, allowing you to optimize your earnings within the platform. Under this plan, the company increases your trading account balance by as much as 20%, contingent upon your trading performance. Funding Pips encourages all its traders to actively engage in trading to qualify for the scaling plan and amplify their returns from the platform.
  • Profit Sharing: Funding Pips has a profit-sharing scheme where you can earn up to 80% of the profits generated from their trades, which is among the highest in the forex market. With this, traders can receive a significant share of earnings, facilitating the growth of their trading account.
  • Weekly Pay-outs: Funding Pips allows weekly withdrawals, providing a steady flow of funds into traders' accounts and motivating them to remain focused on trading. Additionally, these frequent withdrawals make it easier for traders to access their funds at more regular intervals compared to other platforms.
  • Unlimited Trading Days: As traders require time to comprehend the intricacies of trading and to adhere to trading rules effectively, the prop firm does not impose restrictions on the minimum or maximum number of trading days. This approach grants you the freedom to trade at your own pace, enabling you to extract the utmost value from your trades within the forex market.

Funding Pips Pricing

Funding Pips offers five distinct pricing options for their Standard accounts, each tailored to traders' preferences. The entry-level option allows you to acquire a $5,000 Standard funded trading account for just $32. Alternatively, the second Standard choice provides a $10,000 funded account at a price of $60.  The third option is a $25,000 funded trading account, available for $139. The fourth option is a $50,000 funded trading account, available for $239. The highest-tier Standard option is available for $399 and grants access to a $100,000 funded trading account.

For those interested in the Algo option, Funding Pips offers a single account variant, a well-endowed 100k funded trading account. It's worth noting that the maximum allocation for Algo trading has been elevated to $300,000, opening up more avenues for growth and success.

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Trading Platform

Funding Pips exclusively uses the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform, known for its customizable charts, technical indicators, real-time market news, and diverse order types. MT5 is accessible on various devices for traders' convenience. This versatility extends across various devices, encompassing desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In essence, this ensures that traders can effortlessly access their accounts and execute trades, regardless of their geographical location.

Trading Instruments

The Funding Pips prop firm provides an extensive array of trading instruments to accommodate diverse trading strategies. Traders have the opportunity to engage in trading across multiple markets:

  • Forex Pairs: Funding Pips offers a comprehensive selection of major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, allowing traders to capitalize on global economic trends and geopolitical events.
  • Commodities: Traders can actively participate in the commodities market, encompassing precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as energy commodities like crude oil.
  • Indices: A variety of global indices are at traders' disposal, enabling them to speculate on the performance of major stock markets worldwide.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Recognizing the growing demand for cryptocurrencies, Funding Pips extends the opportunity to trade popular digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Leverage and Trading Conditions 

Funding Pips offers leverage of up to 1:100, enabling traders to amplify their market exposure. The trading conditions facilitated by Funding Pips are designed to ensure a seamless trading experience. Traders can access an array of order types, including market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and more, allowing them to execute trades in alignment with their preferred strategies. Real-time market data, price alerts, and economic calendars are integrated to equip traders with timely information for informed decision-making. While leverage has the potential to enhance profits, it's imperative to exercise caution, as it also magnifies the risk of losses. Responsible use of leverage is encouraged to uphold sound risk management principles.

Customer Support

Funding Pips provides assistance and information to its valued customers. To address common queries and provide essential information about the company and its evaluation program, they have a comprehensive FAQ section readily available. If you require personalized assistance, their customer support team is ready to help. You can reach out to them through their social media channels for a prompt response. Alternatively, you can contact them directly via email at


Funding Pips offers flexible pricing options, diverse trading instruments, a rewarding scaling plan, and high profit sharing. The prop firm's pricing options cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets, ensuring accessibility for traders at all levels. The diverse array of trading instruments, including forex pairs, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies, caters to various trading strategies. The scaling plan and profit-sharing scheme offered by Funding Pips are designed to reward traders for their efforts. Weekly pay-outs and unlimited trading days provide additional flexibility and motivation for traders. Additionally, the firm's customer support is readily available to address queries and provide guidance. In summary, Funding Pips offers a comprehensive package for traders looking to leverage their capital effectively and embark on a journey to financial success within the world of proprietary trading.

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Funding Pips Pros:

  • Lucrative profit share: Funding Pips offers profit shares of up to 80%, meaning you keep a significant portion of your earnings.
  • Flexible account sizes: Manage accounts ranging from $5,000 to $300,000 depending on your chosen plan.
  • On-demand payouts: Receive profits as often as you like, unlike some firms with fixed payout schedules.
  • No time limits: There are no restrictions on how long you can take to complete the evaluation challenges.
  • Wide range of instruments: Trade forex, indices, and commodities with various account types.
  • Robust support: Access educational resources, webinars, and dedicated support from the Funding Pips team.
  • Community access:
  • Challenge costs: You must pay a fee to participate in the evaluation challenges, which can be risky if you don’t pass.
  • Profit split: While the profit share is high, you ultimately share your earnings with Funding Pips.
  • Drawdown rules: Each account has strict drawdown limits, which can restrict your trading freedom.
  • Performance pressure: The challenges and live trading can be stressful due to the financial implications.
  • Limited asset selection: Compared to some brokers, the available instruments for trading are restricted.
  • Negative reviews: Some user reviews express concerns about the challenge difficulty and customer service.